In Insider’s Guide: What To Ask At An Open House

Open houses are a great way to preview your possible future home, and in today's Bozeman market, you'll want as much information as quickly as possible to make an educated, competitive offer in a timely fashion. Here are some tips from to help you gain an insider's look at your next open house:

1) What shape is this house in? Have there been any recent improvements?  This is a straight forward way to hear the good, bad, and recently maintained facts about this house.  Knowing what has just been fixed can provide a lead into water damage questions, structural damage, or a nice list of upgrades that you won't need to address once you move in!

2) Has there been a lot of interest in this property?  In Bozeman and surrounding areas, inventory is low so there is a good chance there are interested buyers in the vicinity. One nice follow up question that might give you the edge is to ask, "When are the sellers looking to close?" If the sellers are trying to move ASAP, tailoring your offer to meet their needs might push you into the final round of offers.

3) How much do utilities usually run? This information is readily available to Realtors, and they can share with you the average utilities year round for their properties.  This helps not only to budget, but also to get an idea of how efficient the house is in the chilly Montana winters! 

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