Real Estate Buyer Testimonials

“Denise Andres went above and beyond in the selling of our home, and always brought good buyers to view the house.”

Marco Paolini

“Denise and her team were always very professional and responsive to our questions or needs.  They really take the lead as the process unfolds and help to minimize the inherent stress of either buying or selling a home.  GREAT job!”

Dan & Deb Larson

"Denise and Mari were wonderful!  No complaints and I have already recommended them to 2 other friends who want to sell their condos."

Shari S.

"Denise and her staff could not be more professional , knowledgable and helpful. I would recommend them them to anyone seeking real estate advice."

Stephen S.

"Denise has always been very competent and professional and helps us get the real estate we desire with good terms."

Scott L.

"Denise Andres is a superb agent who knows the market in that 40 mile radius of Gallatin Valley better than anyone.Given her outstanding education and MBA, she approaches the purchase of property with a keen eye for value. The fact that her knowledge of the local market is unsurpassed is not surprising when one considers that Denise is representing sellers or buyers in about 120 sales a year. I was impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of Mari Robbins, Denise's sales associate, as well. At all times I received correct advice; I am a demanding person and was delighted with the invaluable counsel that Denise provided. I was so impressed that Denise will be listing for sale the Bridger Canyon home I occupied before my most recent purchase."

Walter M.

"Recently Denise Andres worked with us on selling our home and property. We were extremely satisfied wtih Denise. She was very professional!! She attended to every detail, was prompt, observant in all areas, as if it was her own home and property. Along with these things, she was personable, caring, and fun. We appreciated all of the above. We want to thank Denise and her assistants for their support. She is one of those who would be an asset to any organization, and we feel that you are fortunate to have her in yours. We had a great experience."

Jim & Bernie M.

"I had been listed for 11 months with another realtor who gave me no info or feedback. I live out of state from the property for sale. When my cousin Chad Wilder (a roofing contractor in Bozeman ) recommended Denise, she immediately explained the up and downsides of my situation, and then stayed in touch constantly until a real offer came in. Then she guided me on how to get it finished up. I was very impressed with Denise, as well as her follow up assitant, Mari Robbins, and Kris Deason from Security Title. They were all very communicative and a great team. I might add that I did not make a profit on the sale, had to bring money to the table , but did not want to foreclose or short sale."

Kathy & Chris L.

"Denise Andres and her office staff are very competent. I'm very pleased with their service."

Donald S.

"Denise Andres is attention detail oriented and listens to everything you tell her. I was constantly reminded of the extreme level of knowledge she had about the process and I admire anyone who applies this level of dedication to any sales product. I especially appreciated that Denise has a great support team in Mari Robbins which enables her to serve multiple clients and still have Mari to handle the written communications required. I chose this house because it had Denise Andres name on the sign. That customer loyalty comes from reputation and a brand recognition."

Steven A.

"Absolutely the most professional and helpful agent we ever used. she was able to proceed through all the steps of selling our house remotely (we were living in another state). We were completely informed all the way, she handled everyting, and she had excellent judgement. Completely trustworthy. We are extremely satisfied; she and the rest of her team deserve our highest recommendations."
Jean Luc & Annabelle C.

"We appreciated Denise's expert advise and felt that she was always looking out for us."

Dennis & Lynn M.

"Denise was very objective in presenting data that helped us price our home for the market and in describing what needed to be done to de-clutter the house for presentation."

Jay M.

"She really looked after our interests and her extensive experience was very helpful."

Marvin and Susan B.

"We were impressed by Denise’s communication and negotiation skills. She is also very knowledgeable and timely addressed all questions and concerns we had. Had we not switched from the previous agent to Denise, we would not have been successful purchasing our new home. We are extremely grateful to her and her assistants, who are all extremely helpful."

Erik B.

“Denise and her staff were great. They always answered any questions I had. We bought this house from Denise and we wanted her to sell it for us. Can't say enough about her and her staff. Everything went smoothly. She sold it fast."

Dick B.

"Denise was a pleasure to work with. She is a true expert in her field and we appreciated working with someone we could fully trust. ERA is lucky to have her. If we were to need an agent in the future, we would 100% work with her again."

Jason and Tracy N.

"Denise is the best...period. Mari Robbins is the best as well...period. When you have a team like that, a person would not even think of buying from anybody else. There are a lot of great people out there selling real estate. but it takes a team like this to make it happen, follow up on things, keep you abreast of the progress, all while not missing a beat."

James S.

"Denise Andres was a gem, in a pool of average to outright poor performers. Even though we were very particular about the photos and the layout for the advertising, she graciously acknowledged it and went forward to satisfy us as the homeowners. We were too high on our price and she was clear yet sensitive to the losses being offered on our beautiful home. If I could have changed anything although not at all possible was to have her present at each showing since she is the best of the best and ERA should know it."

Laura B.

"We absolutely loved working with Denise in the sale of our home. We were taken care of and made to feel as though our home was as important as any other Denise was selling. She has a great reputation here in Bozeman and we'd highly recommend (her) to anyone buying or selling a house."

Tim T.

"Denise sold our house and then found us another home. This is the second time we have worked with Denise and will continue to recommend her to others. She is a consumate professional and we hold her in the highest regard. There were many things she did that were 'above and beyond the call of duty'. Two things stand out though: 1. Joining me at the closing table (my husband could not be there) to answer questions and for moral support. 2. Gifting us a home warranty plan for our new home, as the seller was uncooperative with regard to resolving inspection issues."

Karen Y.

"Denise was wonderful. She was reading body language to make sure she understood what we wanted beyond our verbal communication. She has unrivaled knowledge of the area and every house we asked about. She could not have been any more professional or knowledgable. We are very happy and grateful to work with Denise."

Thomas Y.

"Denise is a professional, through and through. She not only got the house sold in record time, but brought in the buyer to make it happen. We already listed another property we have with Denise."

David & Kristen C.

"Denise was good about getting back to me. Denise and her assistance were wonderful to work with in the process."

Deal H.

"Denise and her team are very knowledgable and professional with their dealings with us, as well as giving that air of friendship and personal concern for all transactions. I believe that they went out of their way to make sure every aspect and item of our purchase was attended to. Great job, ladies."

Terry & Shelly B.

“I have really enjoyed Denise Andres through this process and feel as though we share many similarities in how we transact business and handle our professional relationships.  Denise and her team are all such hard workers, it is wonderful to have them on our side!”

Kristen C.

"Denise's determination to find an investment propety with a superior cap rate was critical to my decision to purchase. Denise spent months combing the MLS to find the perfect investment property for me and I am grateful for her diligence. Denise's assistant, Mari Robbins, provided tremendous follow-up during the closing process which was delayed again and again due to the foreclosure proceedings. Without her help, I would not have been able to complete this purchase."

Allen Y.

"Since we lived in another state, it was important for our agent and her assistance to coordinate all communication with the seller and their agents. When a freak hail storm hit the house after we were already under contract and post-inspection, the ERA team worked to find a reasonable solution to cover the new damage without affecting our closing date."

Brad S.

"Denise projected a very knowledgeable and professional 'can do' attitude. Her impressive website, extensive portfolio of internet and print marketing materials, all highlighted with terrific photography, made it very evident to me that Denise Andres was the professional I needed to get my home sold. She is a complete professional with whom it is not only a pleasure to do business with, but also to know."

Peter B.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Denise Andres and her associates for the work they did in selling the condo for us. It was very professionally handled. Thank you again."                                            

John and Karen G.

"Denise Andres remembered we liked the house after showing it to us even though we did not act on it, she kept us posted on it's status."

Rodney L.

"Denise Andres and her team were always available to show us a place, set up a meeting or answer a question. Her team was also very responsive to any issues or concerns we had."

Ryan H.

"Denise Andres was available when we had questions. She is quite the negotiator."

Laurie L.

"On more than one occasion she went "above and beyond." Our agent, Denise Andres, was extraordinarily helpful throughout an entire year while we weighed and measured alternatives. She never lost patience, never stopped answering questions, always followed through with diligence on any request. We consider ourselves exremely fortunate to have made this connection and we could not possibly be more pleased with the service we received from Denise and her staff."

Daniel L.

"I thought Denise Andres, as well as her staff, made the stressful process of the first time home ownership very easy. Denise and her staff genuinely cared about making the transaction and experience as stress free as possible. I would/will absolutely use them again."

Jimmie E.

"Denise, Tim and I can't thank you and your wonderful team enough for everything you have done.  It's been a long and often bumpy road, but we finally made it! We are so looking forward to getting on with our lives in Maine.   It has been such a comfort for us to know that our home has been in such good hands, especially living so far away--you have gone beyond your call of duty, and your professionalism has been impeccable.  Tim and I appreciate you very much!"

Linda F.

"One of the most important things is to tell you and your great team, including Jennie and Mari, how pleased Mark and I were with the great service and professionalism you all brought to our Montana home-buying experience. There were some challenges that we faced in getting through all the issues surrounding the whole process of the real estate deal but, you navigated us through these issues with the utmost courtesy and knowledge.
I must also tell you that we have been complimented by others in choosing you, Denise, as our Realtor. More than once people were curious as to how we chose such an excellent Realtor from the long distance of New Mexico.
Thank you again for all your great service!"

Mark & Nancy X.

"Denise is exceptional! We live in NY and the house is in Montana. She was able to get painters, repair people and take care of lawn care for us. She over saw the work and kept me informed every step of the way. She even went and dusted the kitchen after the floor crews had finished!  We have purchased and sold many homes and have never come close to finding an agent like Denise. Actually, I didn't think one existed until I met her. She also gave me advice when we purchased a home for our daughter in Philidelphia. Thanks Denise!"

Pat C.

"Now that the dust has settled on the Meadow Lane transaction, I wanted to take a moment and say “thank you” to you(Denise Andres), Mari, and Jennie for all of your wonderful guidance and assistance in finding us the site for our soon-to-be Montana home. At every step Sandy and I appreciated your professionalism, attention-to-detail, promptness, and considered advice. Your team is terrific and every professional advisor you referred us to was a pleasure to work with. We look forward to becoming part of the Bozeman community someday soon and will undoubtedly have some further questions along the way. I’m very happy to know some good people we can turn to."

Pat L.

"Agent Denise Andres was amazing, knowledgable, flexible- she got us a great price on our place and offered outstanding advice throughout the buying process. She personally presented our offer to the sellers agent in order to explain the offer to the buyer more persuasively. We always simply felt like if something needed to happen, Denise and her terrific office staff would make sure it was taken care of. It reflects well on ERA that a REALTOR such as Denise chooses to walk with their brokerage."

Douglas & Elizabeth D.

"Denise was professional, helpful and thorough. She was patient and informative, and she helped us tailor our offer. We were very pleased with her attention to detail and her ability to quickly understand what we were seeking in a new home. We would gladly refer our friends to Denise.
She also helped us get the appliances we wanted when there was a mix-up with the sales associate. She really made a difference!"

Ron & Cara L.

"Stayed professional while dealing with a very unpleasant seller."

Daryl N.

"From our first meeting, I felt that Denise Andres was a very focused person with a strong awareness that a myriad of details comprise the whole. Meticulous attention to detail by Denise and Mari made us confident in their ability. communication was totally open at all times. Commitments were always met in a most timely manner. We had full confidence in them as a team. Denise accepted out suggestion of a price reduction las September that resulted in a marked increase of showings and three months later, in a depressed market, Denise found a buyer. We always felt that Denise had a sincere appreciation for our property and we felt that this always put a very positive flavor on her showings and contributed a lot to the ultimate sale of the property. Denise is the best real estate broker we've ever dealt with."

Frank & Cynthia L.

"Denise Andres made us feel confident in our purchase and walked through each step of buying our brand new home. She was always a phone call away which made us feel assured everything would be all right."

Robert & Rebecca L

“Denise and her assistant Mari went the extra-mile to make sure every detail of our home purchase and move went smoothly.  We have purchased several homes in our lifetime, and no other agent ever provided service equal to Denise. She is truly an outstanding agent and a credit to the ERA organization.”

Frank & Mary E.

“Provided local guides & info. Denise’s staff offered relocation assistance.”

Michael B.

“We believe Denise Andres is the most professional Realtor in our area.”

Leon & Deborah R.

"Denise Andres was at all times professional. She made the process as painless as possible and helped us define what we really wanted, She is tops!"

Mary M.

"Denise Andres was the best at knowing her business than any real estate agent that I have used over the past 30 years and in six states."

Philip R.

"Thank you Denise Andres for everything! We would definitely recommend Denise to our family and friends."

Darko & Bernadette S.

"Denise Andres was exceptionally helpful. She was organized, focused, knowledgeable and she was warm and friendly. I highly recommend her and will request her services again. She was very good! "

John B.

"Denise Andres is absolutely the BEST Realtor® anyone could have. She is intelligent, thorough, helpful, hard-working and charming! Her attention to detail gives one a great deal of confidence."                       

Wally & Patricia J.

“Denise took the time to get to know us and went above and beyond her job. She will do whatever it takes to accommodate you! Denise is a REALTOR® with personality and business savvy; she really cares about you and your family.”

Keith & Kathy S.

“Denise listened carefully to our needs and interpreted our real estate flavor correctly.”

Lesa & Perry M

“Denise is not only well informed and helpful, but she is also delightful to do business with.”

Dan & Cathy B.

“Denise is great! We felt she had our best interests at heart. She was very thorough, informative, patient, and professional.”

Tom & DeDe S.

“I cannot say enough good about my agent, Denise Andres. I have never before worked with a real estate agent who so thoroughly combined all the best qualities, knowledgeable and direct in answering my questions; consistently friendly and pleasant, providing outstanding service to me…”

Brian F.

With satisfied buyers like these, it isn’t surprising that Denise Andres is in the top 1% of buyers’ agents in the Gallatin Valley.

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